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windstream Reviews

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  • Windstream Privacy Issues with internet

    I had Windstream last year for the month of October and I just couldn't take the speed. In 2017 you would think that dial up speed would be a thing of the past and to pay 80 bucks a month for it is ridiculous so I canceled the service and went with another ISP. Soon after the switch my home network was breached and my identity stolen. I'm on the other side of a 10 month battle that isn't even over yet, but last nigh after learning that Windstream now offered the hight speed of 12 mbps I had to make the change back to protect my network and family. I was dropping from 60 mbps... More...
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    Pauly62's Picture   Pauly62    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bullying a senior citizen

    One year ago I was given a choice to either begin paying an extra $20 in March 2015 or be gifted with a years reprieve of paying the extra $20, It is now April 2016 and I became angry at both the remembrance of having no choice AND when I saw Windstream's false advertising : Lifetime price guarantee even if you live to 127 years old. I have been a windstream customer for 27 years. Is this the way to treat a senior citizen? Or any windstream customer? When I called windstream just now, my account could not be located. Tyler (the rep) could give me no information . The supervisor was... More...
    HollyQ's Picture   HollyQ    0 Comments   Comments
  • speed and bundling

    We dropped the Windstream/dish bundle because their internet frequently dropped out. Windstream is the company we paid for both internet and tv services. When we dropped both Windstream and dish, Windstream refused to credit us for dish services we did not receive, and sent us to dish for the refund. Dish claims Windstream received payment from them and they owe us the refund. On the phone most of the day and making no head way. DON'T BUNDLE More...
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    k4artz's Picture   k4artz    0 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream Quotes incorret prices to its potential customers

    We recently switched to Windstream for the bundle package. We were originally quoted $130 after taxes. We have been getting bills for no less than $165. When I called them, they proceeded to tell me that there is $40 in taxes. I am well aware of taxes that are to be paid however when a customer asks prior to switching what the after tax price will be and am quoted $130 that should be the price that is taken out of my account each month. Switching as soon as I possibly can from this joke of a company! Do not go with them if you can at all choose too!!!! More...
    (Cable TV)
    kmk1530's Picture   kmk1530    0 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream Telephone Directory

    Our mail delivery person just left Windstream's Telephone Directory Phone book in our mail box. Let me tell you the print is so small we can't even read it with our glasses. Had to get out the magnifying glasses to look up a number. Knew we were in trouble when the post office carrier was delivering instead of hired help to delivery the books. No wonder they didn't weigh that much, less paper because the print is so small and Windstream cause much less. Come on Windstream be nice and give your customer better service than this. I am using my last years book because I... More...
    Darlene1939's Picture   Darlene1939    1 Comments   Comments
  • Residential Customer in Georgia

    I hate this company. I have been forced to be a customer for the past 19 years because as a rural resident in Georgia, I have no other options but Windstream. My signal constantly goes up and down and the speed I pay for is not the speed I get. I have been battling these issues for 19 years and I all I get from the company is offers to sell me "better" equipment and/or higher speed. Why should I pay for more speed when I cannot get what I am paying for now? Do not use this company of you can help it. More...
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    diehlga30528's Picture   diehlga30528    0 Comments   Comments
  • Residentaul service

    I can't believe the tech repair men, I'v been told since last Friday the 9th of December that I had three services called about no internet today is December 17 and still no internet and they told me on the phone that the tect. ran out of time, Bullshit no call no show. so I called again today the 17th of December.2016 that now I have been told that I have to wait till Monday December 19 this makes it 10days with NO INTERENT, This is totally inexcusable and unacceptable. Costumer service didn't even try to made me happy, not even a credit for no service, This happens a lot... More...
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    jeaneenmoore's Picture   jeaneenmoore    0 Comments   Comments
  • Pedestal location

    On November 9, 2016 I came home surprised to see the gate to my backyard open. I walked into the backyard and noticed 2 contractors finishing up installing the new edestal for your service. I was surprised to see them since the day before there were no flags or markings from “one call”. I am curious why your new pedestal was installed 10 feet from my back patio, instead of locating it next to either of the other existing pedestals / demarks for Time Warner, Windstream, and Lincoln Electric? As you can see in the attached picture it’s not a very pleasant site where it was... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Billing issues and broken promise

    I paid $217 for Windstream to setup phone and internet services. Windstream promised that my services would continue as long as each monthly payment was made. However, five days later my services were turned off because of a reported $375 past due that was magically found. Even, though Windstream admitted through email and a recorded line that they made mistakes and broke the promise they still wanted the $375, but would settle for 50%. I've called they bluff, wrote complaint issues on their Facebook pages, filed complaints with the BBB, both the Ohio and Arkansas Attorney... More...
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    apache64's Picture   apache64    0 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream Communications - POOR SERVICE

    So, if you have Life Alert and are dependent upon Windstream communications to protect you at your most vulnerable state, think again. My 88-year-old mother's phone went out Tuesday, back on a short time Wednesday, and now off until at least Tuesday, and she relies on Life Alert's communication through the phone line in case of an emergency. Windstream thanked her for her 9 years of being a customer, but doesn't seem too concerned for her health or welfare. Guess our lawyer will get involved if an emergency happens and she is unable to get help in time. More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    jpetersen's Picture   jpetersen    0 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream.

    I am so pissed at this company i have been with them since 2009 and had nothing but trouble .Becuase i live in an area they has sowed up and cant get any other company to use for phone or internet i have to use them.They promised me 3mgbit for internet and they no that cant get that here only 1mbits but they charge me for the 3. So then they will give me a discount for one month of 10.00 wow but why should i pay for something that they cant give me. There phone service is 45.00 month plus all the addition fees they add then it is up to 65.00 a month i live on a fixed income and i can get a... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    blackjack1951's Picture   blackjack1951    2 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream is horrid!

    I ordered a home phone & internet bundle online. Everything was to be hooked up & connected by Monday evening. I received a voicemail stating it was installed by 9:15 that Monday morning. Great I was thinking, until I went home & nothing worked. I called customer service, was on hold for over an hour, finally talked to a repair tech who put me on hold again only to come back, say he couldn't figure it out, would have someone call me then hung up on me. No call came. Tuesday morning I called & the lady I spoke with was extremely nice & promised someone would be... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    AMR14's Picture   AMR14    0 Comments   Comments

    I moved to Hazard over a month ago and decided to go with Windstream since it required no contract and there was only one other company available. I thought, "What could possibly be so bad about it?" Now, let me get started... When I signed up I asked for the fastest internet which was $64.99 a month. I didn't want tv or a home phone. The guy kept telling me that for just $2 more I could have a home phone with completely unlimited calling and long distance. I went ahead and signed up for it. After receiving my first bill I realized that this was a lie and I'm being... More...
    nursinggal's Picture   nursinggal    0 Comments   Comments
  • WORST SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have had Wind stream/ Dish services at our current home, well we are moving to a new home where they do not provide service. We were told that they would send us boxes to return our boxes which they did and we returned our boxes timely. Next thing we now DISH is pulling $240.00 for our account and now no one including my bank CHASE will do anything about it. I AM SO PISSED. Every time there was a few rain drops our dish would go out, we couldn't watch the local news to keep an eye on the weather. My husband had to reset our router several times a day because our internet would go... More...
    (Cable TV)
    PISSEDMOMMA's Picture   PISSEDMOMMA    0 Comments   Comments

    Thank you for sending me this survey as I have many issues with the install of this service. First, it would be a great idea for the installer to speak with the homeowners, walk through the home and around the perimeter of the home to evaluate what the installer will likely have to do before they just start installing anything. We made several attempts to ask questions about the different options that were likely to happen so that we could determine what would work best for us. We have a brand new home with a freshly laid yard and was wondering how the install would be handled. We were... More...
    kshaw311's Picture   kshaw311    0 Comments   Comments
  • landline phone

    Since Windstream has taken over the land line phone service in my area we have had the worst customer service I have ever dealt with in my life. The service reps and supervisors and unfriendly, unhelpful and sometimes just plain rude. Was trying to get my service put on hold because my husband has cancer and we won't be home for a few months, was told that it didn't matter what the situation was I could not access the account because my name is not on it. I am a 75 year old lady, when I got this phone service 40 some years ago women didn't put their names on accounts, and who... More...
    DorisR's Picture   DorisR    1 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream Home Telephone Repair

    On Saturday night a thunderstorm blew out our telephone system. So we have had no telephone service since then. At first our telephones were barely audible because of static; now we do not even have any dial tone, and when anyone phoned us, they couldn't hear anything. Monday we called Windstream & asked for emergency service, since we are right in the middle of moving & expecting important telephone calls from two moving companies. Tuesday we called Windstream again & asked once again for emergency service, still nothing to the end of the business day. Tomorrow we will... More...
    way47's Picture   way47    0 Comments   Comments
  • 2 and 1/2 months to get a refund!

    I never had a complaint about Windstreams services, but I am still waiting for a refund since June. Cancellation notice was submitted early June 2014 since they do not service my new house and they charged me for July since it was shut off 1 day after billing cycle. Called July 9th and was told a check would be issued asap. (in 4 yrs I never made a late payment to them) Just received another email saying I could review my bill! Called them up, they lost me once but called me back immediately, which was great! After 20 minutes on hold while supervisors were consulted, I was told a check... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    haunted's Picture   haunted    0 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream Does Not Care About Their Customers !!!!!!!

    I have been a customer of Windstream for over 12 years !! I pay for 3m every month if l would be getting 3m my ping would be 38-52 ,Not 512 to 640 they have known about this problem from me for the last 4 years !!! They over sold service , flat out lied to me on the phone about this ,but one of the 40 plus service people they have sent to my home ! Told me what was really going on with service in our area ! We have Brand New fiber optic in the ground with all the boxes and they will not turn it on to actually give us what we as customers are PAYING for !!! My next coarse of action is to... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    apbear58's Picture   apbear58    0 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream, The Skunk of the Net

    I do not wish to continue with Windstream, so I don't really care if they see this and try to fix anything because it's way too late for me. I do, however, want as many other ppl know about what they should look forward to if they choose Windstream as their ISP. First off, don't expect to get any speed. Your speed with Windstream is completely based on your location, and if they have decent lines and hardware in your area. Where I am, I haven't had good service thru them for over twelve years now. You can also throw the monthly amount they say that you'll be paying... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
  • Windstream won't port my phone number

    For weeks, I've been trying to port my telephone number from Windstream to Charter. Windstream keeps making up reasons for a reject. They even went so far as to disconnect my phone that was off for a day after I spent hours trying to find out why it was disconnected. Then they used that disconnect to reject the porting as not a valid number. The next excuse was they had assigned a new account number & PIN number (I'd never had a PIN number before) but they suddenly decided they needed one. They they said they needed a Pass CAPP code, but backed off that when told the FCC had... More...
    raggmopp's Picture   raggmopp    1 Comments   Comments
  • The Worst Internet Service

    Woke up this morning and found over 1000 combined inbox and sent emails completely vanished overnight. THANKS Windstream for loosing all of my work related emails that I so desperately need to carry on with my work related duties. You have created a business related nightmare for my real setae business. You have lost months of correspondence and contracts. No explanation and they really don't give a dam. I have had nothing but problems from this service. I rarely can upload more than 5 to 10 pages of content on email. I usually have to send multiple emails to get one contract through... More...
    robinj's Picture   robinj    0 Comments   Comments
  • Inadequate Internet, customer serivce, technical support

    Horrible experience. I should have known last year when I connected my internet service with Windstream by the 6 week wait time for installation that this was going to a horrible company. When I had problems they were slow to respond and switched me to paperless billing without my consent, therefore bills were do and I never received them even through email. the internet connection has been horrible the whole time I have had service but at least it would only cut out half of the time. Im having a hard time finding anything positive to say about this company or their services. My troubles... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    marshabowman's Picture   marshabowman    0 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream: HORRIBLE!!!!

    It is amazing that when I look at the reviews they are all bad. VERY few good reviews. Just wonder is windstream ever looks at these????? Ok, now for my problem. SADLY, several years ago Windstream bought my good internet provide. Ever since it has been lousy service. Internet goes off, can't sign on, SLOW, extremely difficult to work with Apple products. I call Apple thinking it was their product. They completely reformatted my phone, still have the same issue. Call Windstream, they blame it on someone else. They never own up to their problems. Then, you sit on hold for... More...
    cmartin859's Picture   cmartin859    0 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream DSL

    Your DSL service has never been very good, you never achieve the 3M download speed I pay for, but June 2014 you have achieved a new low in service. Your service has been virtually unuseable. When your DSL is able to get me on the net, it is slower than dialup. July 2014 has started on a dismal note with zero service yesterday. Please credit my account for full refund for June 2014, my phone number is 409 584 2281. More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    spmuse's Picture   spmuse    0 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream puts kids in danger

    Came home on Monday to a Windstream van in my driveway. I didn't order service, but they are running service from my property to two new builds next door. I live in a semi rural area so their utility line is exposed, above ground running 70 feet along the front of my property and across my driveway. I had an asphalt crew at my house to fix my driveway and they were unable to cross an exposed utility line and left, charging me $400 for the unused asphalt. Windstream treats me like an idiot, we will bury it Tuesday... that's a week and a day this line will be exposed. Where it is... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    ColleenMarie's Picture   ColleenMarie    0 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream Phone Company

    Beware of wind stream 's business Practices. I transferred my service to another provider, went through a long process that Windstream made hard to do. They didn%u2019t tell us that we needed to fill out forms to cancel service even though our numbers are on another provider. So we have two months worth of bills even after we twice canceled service using their forms. They told us once the service is canceled we can dispute the bill with their billing dept. This, $1,000 dollars later as they are still billing us for numbers they do not provide. More...
    birdparadise's Picture   birdparadise    0 Comments   Comments
  • Beware of the words "Merge Plus" on bill

    Although I have had internet service with Insight since 1990 in June, 2012 windstream decided they wanted to bill me for internet service also. My bill was altered without my permission and a line on the bill read "Merge Plus $59.99" I just assumed it was the new name for the 3 types of long distance listed as the service providers. No where on the bill did it say internet was being provided. I only had phone service with windstream as soon as they deceptively add the internet my phone bill went up by about $50. Think how many of you never look at you bill%u2026NOW LOOK.... More...
  • I know I'm paying way too much

    When we moved to our current location over 15 yrs. ago Windstream was then Alltel & someone came out to our business to tell us what we needed for our phone & internet services. At the time we needed 3 phone lines with one of them being a rollover line & one being a dedicated fax line with a switch box (not sure that's the name of it) that's in the closet. I know phone service has changed dramatically since then along with the fact that cell phones are being used more & more with businesses. I have tried calling Windstream to try to get someone to come out &... More...
    mstappy's Picture   mstappy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream Service is AWFUL, hurting my business

    We have been a medium business customer for 3 1/2 years. We have several T1 lines and voice over two locations. From day 1 we've had issues. The T lines into one of our locations is spotty and hardly ever gives the service promised. We had one line going in and thought to try increasing to two would help. It took 7 MONTHS to get that one extra T1 line into that building. I have gone through 8 account reps in those 3 years and each one has been as worthless as the one before it. So, finally we're leaving this horrible company, we submit our port requests and turn in our... More...
    angelasbaron's Picture   angelasbaron    0 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream

    Windstream high-speed internet is slower than our old dial-up used to be and service quits often. They have repeatedly promised to improve and it has never happened, it only gets worse. Either they don't care about their customers or don't have the ability to provide what they've promised.If you're in an area where you can choose, don't pick Windstream, unless you like shitty internet that cuts off often. And don't believe anything they say, it'll only get worse. You'd be about as well off with 2 tin cans and some string. Lee Blount, unsatisfied... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    leeb's Picture   leeb    0 Comments   Comments
  • windstream very bad service

    be loyal customer for over 1.5 year, till the day internet not work for over 3 days, called the technical support many times, no one can tell me what the problem is and even suggest me need send my computer back to manufactures to get fix, since my telephone and TV is internet bond , i can not do anything, and with my home office business. no technician offer a home visit, i have to find and switch to other CO. to fix. it approved not the computer problem but the router, then i got charge for early termination fee More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    pacar14's Picture   pacar14    0 Comments   Comments
  • PC

    I'm a tech in a small call center that calls people about their debts and Windstream in my opinion is the WORST phone company I have ever dealt with. We have an automated dialer that calls our consumers to tell consumers how much they owe on their account. Well Windstream changed the caller ID on us for along period of time and put a call back number that was to no where. This cost our company thousands and thousands of dollars plus the cost of calling numbers where people could not call us back. Windstream offered a $1700 settlement out of the modest $7500 we asked for and we refused... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • lousy customer service/NO high speed internet

    In the phone book ad for Windstream it actually says "GET BLAZING-FAST HIGH-SPEED INTERNET". What a crock! They should be shut down for false advertising! I've been clocking the speeds of the so called high speed service in this area and the highest I've speed so far is 120kbps. Not even a MB! the worst was 66kbps so far. When I called to complain the person didn't want to hear what I had to say and continually cut me off. When I quoted the phone book ad she cut me off again! They have definitely trained they're people what to say because they know they're... More...
    ljret20's Picture   ljret20    1 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream phone service

    My phone service in a rural area has been really bad. After multiple reports of extreme static, and intermittant service over several months, it only has gotten worse. This week I was told the repair tcket was closed because it had been fixed. This was said to me as I could hardly hear the rep on the other end of my phone line due to static.( I never saw the technical repairman at my house during expected arrival time.) This problem is exacerbated by the fact that my Verizon cell phone sevice stops 1/2 mile before my house. I am 65, home a lot, and at times no means of communication... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Susanjeanb's Picture   Susanjeanb    0 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Phone/Customer Service, Still Billing After Cancellation!

    Our company has been a Windstream client for years and finally got fed up with the constant disconnection and phone problems. Being a medical practice we can not afford to go 4-6 hours without a phone connection. Since we have changed over to AT&T we have still been getting billed for services that we have not received. I can never get anyone who knows how to help me. When I thought I found someone to email with, she was handling my dispute and all of the sudden she wasn't with the company anymore. In addition to all of the trouble Windstream service fees/prices are double of... More...
    (Repair Services)
    YourCustomer's Picture   YourCustomer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Billed me for an extra month, no response or refund

    I cancelled my windstream service in person at their office in State College, PA, because I was moving out of the area. The next month (July), they auto-billed me for internet and cable despite the cancellation. I called them, and they said they would send me a refund check in the mail. I waited a month, no check. I received an e-statement in August for the full amount of cable and internet again. I called customer service, and was informed that the most recent statement was false, and that my check for the original refund was still en route. This representative informed me that the amount... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    ninini's Picture   ninini    1 Comments   Comments
  • Windstream Poor tech support

    Having trouble with DSL and the Windstream technicians have no clue what they are doing. Their response is the same for all slow issues. They say "There are problems in your area". They say this even though I'm trying to tell them my speed test is a little more than 10 times the normal speed. They tell me that everyone is having the same issue and running 10 times to slow is normal for this area. They think I am dumb. Please educate your technicians a little bit. More...
    ramco's Picture   ramco    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst service ever

    I can not believe a company like this is even allowed to exist! Absolutely horrible customer service, when I asked to speak to a supervisor they told me there wasn't one. My company's land line has been dead for over a month and they keep promising our phones will be turned on on this date and it doesn't and then another date and it wasn't ... Today is supposed to be another date promised and when I called to inquire the time frame they say maybe tomorrow!! Are you kidding me? It is absolutely absurd that I can't even call my clients and they can not call me. I can... More...
    Emgemg's Picture   Emgemg    0 Comments   Comments

windstream Reviews By Product


windstream Comments

neonatecare says: (3 years ago)
Windstream are a bunch of extortionists. 10 months after you have to cancel because of poor service, they try to invoice you 10k and threaten your business credit if you don't pay.When our business applies for credit, the bank said they don't count Windstream's credit because some states are trying to close them down due to their practices.

amacklai says: (4 years ago)
WINDSTREAM billing Department is a SCAM!!!!

They have been billing me for two discontinued lines for "Access Recovery Charge" I did not notice the Qty of 2 at $2.
Not only that they charged me for a TOLL FREE ADMIN Charge for $3.93 . Unfortunely since the bill was for under $50 no one was checking .... This no different from those companies that send you a BILL for the "toner" you purchased from them since those bills are under a certain amount and get paid right away . STAY AWAY FROM WINDSTREAM .. COMPLETE SCAM!!!
Not only that what they do is tell their customer service department to put you on a hold for long periods of time so that you don't have anything better to do than to listen to their on hold music. THIS time I actually was patient enough to stay on the line, thinking i would speak to a manager. All they do is hire customer service reps to "open up tickets". Then they tell you please allow 1-2 billing cycles to get a RESPONSE... WHAT A JOKE.. WINDSTREAM YOU SUCK !!!!!

Redswin2013 says: (5 years ago)
I am a new customer with windstream and my service was suppose to be on 4 days ago and still no Internet . I have spend countless hours on the phone with promises it will be on at a certain time they even schedule a tech to come out to my house and I took off work to make sure I was home and the tech calls me and says he's not coming... Everytime I talk to a supervisor they promise to take care of the issue and call me back,not once have I received a return call... If this is how they are going to conduct business by continuing to lie to customers I will go elsewhere

ringweed says: (5 years ago)
Out of nowhere, service suddenly stops, no dsl. I called support (what a joke), and was told it would be over a week before a tech comes out to fix it. The day finally arrives, and no one comes but now the dsl seems to be connected. No one came to my house or came near the wires to the house. So, someone just flipped a switch and that took 10 days. Then they told me I needed a new modem and it took us 4 hours to get it set up. Then they installed this crap software on my machine that I had to remove because it was slowing my machine. What a bunch of morons.

jfleetwd says: (5 years ago)
My speed test results 1.3 Mb down and .31 upload.
Which is a F+ grade. Horrible!! I have to pay the same
as someone with 3 Mb down. This ain't right people.

Thairone says: (5 years ago)
Windstream has definitely let me down. Not to mention when you call to speak with someone, you have to go through what seem like endless questions from the recording. Then u are placed on hold for another 3-4(sometimes longer)mins then when you finally get a live person, you are in the wrong dept. Then the process starts all over AGAIN.
Well today I have been on the phone for almost 2 hours to find out why I am paying for Hi speed but I am not getting it. I have been transferred numerous of times then I get disconnected. It is so frustrating. It's funny tough when or if you hit the option to pay your bill, there is always an operator there and the calls never get dropped and you don't have to wait. As soon as I do some shopping around, I am dropping windstream phone and internet service because your CUSTOMER SERVICE sucks and noone seems to care

bbclan says: (5 years ago)
I contacted windstream about how I PAY FOR 12 MBPS AND ONLY RECEIVE 1. MBPS. They said a tech would be buy today but never showed up. I will probally change providers.

ptcruiser says: (6 years ago)
My wind stream speeds are .23 average.They say it going to be fix but it does not.What I don't get is that I cannot get another Carrier to take my internet because of some contract Wind. owns. How can they Monopolize an aria in Pa. it like ymu buy Ours or no ones.Is this America!

nduhon11 says: (6 years ago)
The bottomline to Windstream customer service is nothing is free in life you want customer service you pay us 12.99 a month with a 6 month service contract and we can help you in minutes or you can stay online with customer service for hours and get no results. Your choice!

christenwhitehea3 says: (6 years ago)
WORST EVER! Customer Service people are rude and not helpful. I owed them 30 dollars about two years ago, and they reported me to collections for $62. I even spoke with a supervisor who did some research and confirmed that I only owed $30. She said she would "take care of it" and low and behold, 1 year later, I get another collections call for $62. I just spoke with someone earlier to fight a dispute for the wrong amount owed. They said I needed proof. So, when I called Windstream to get my bills, and records. Low and behold it costs 2 dollars a page. They wouldn't waive the charge. They lie. I called once and they looked my acct up with my social becuase it was so old. Called back a few minutes later and Mark all the sudden "couldn't look it up with my social" He HAD to have my account number, all of the sudden. Apparently one minute they have a supervisor, and the next minute, they don't either. Because I talked to a supervisor a few minutes prior. Then, Mark said that he was the only person available to talk to. LMAO! LIARS. DONT EVER GET WINDSTREAM. They will ruin your life.

mickeybobo says: (6 years ago)
Just tried to call to get my password for the second line in the office. The computer says "there are no representatives available" and hangs up! Seriously? So I call and just try to get a person, which I finally get and she says she'll send me to technical support and sends me back to the same menu that hangs up on me. Windstream, you are about to get cancelled. This is the worst customer service I have ever encountered.

sonnybee says: (6 years ago)
Did you know that the DOD has signed a contract with Speedstream
for DOD to do Hosting for them and Windstream. ( Google DOD contracts with Speedstream). Windstream has also Hired a
Development Manager Who is former USAF, & US Army, with Green Beret,
this is in his Bio.Congress is trying to pass an Electronic
Survielence Act that would exempt Telcommunications Corps from
being sued for such activities as allowing hosts to spy on you
rather than allow pass through.Windstream is a double dipper as they are using USDA Grant & Aid to finance the using of DOD hosting
through contracts for spying purposes. It is the Republicans that
are fighting for increase in the DOD Budget.. Its our money &
we're paying them to spy on us. Senator Saxby Chambliss (R)
GA. co-chairs the Intell Committee, and has been taxed with
preparing the AG Bill.

sonnybee says: (6 years ago)
sonnybee says

I'm glad to see I'M not the only one to see that Windstream sucks.
I've been complaining over 3.5 yrs about their sorry unsecure net service. Dnload is around 3kb. on a 6mb service. you can see it fall
on firefox dnload window. They are a home for hackers. On a recent traceroute , and reverse ip scan I found 4 DOD sites for hosting Windstream. Maby that how they got the 328 mil grant from USDA
so DOD could spy on us. we need a class action.

netpeo says: (6 years ago)
Windstream is horrible. One department has no idea what the other is doing. It's like it's their first day everyday.

I cancelled them and three months later I am still being charged each month yet they disconnected my service two months earlier that requested.

I am small business owner and they have charged me to death. They owe me over $2500 and they ask me if I want to cancel my account? Isn't that what you did when you make my phones say they were disconnected?

jminiell says: (6 years ago)
this is the worst company ever do not do business with them

dawnhyre says: (6 years ago)
I have had windstream for 4 years and am trying to get anothter provider out here. We live in america but have no choice but to have windstream if you only want internet, too bad. You have to have a phone line to get internet. They told me that my bill after taxes will be 45.00 a month and it is 80.00 a month wish you would put us out of our misery and shut them dwn for false advertisment. No one here is happy. I started a petition to get cox cable out here but they said they would not come out to us. We live in america but lately is no freedom. Please put windstream out of business. You have enough complaints about them so do something about it.

AndysMad says: (7 years ago)
We switched to Windstream, worst mistake I have ever made. Phone service was really really bad. Was not uncommon to hear from customers on my cell phone because they were told our phones were disconnected. It took 9 months to get our phone switched back to AT&T. And they are still trying to get us pay them saying we own them for two more years. Their "you will be happy" guarantee is worthless

405erswitch says: (7 years ago)
Yesterday I called to order internet service from windstream as I am fed up with crickets bullshit. I was told 1 that I would get a confirmation e-mail and 2 that someone would be out between noon & 5pm. By 2pm I had not even gotten a confirmation e-mail (it's 7:50pm and still no e-mail) So I called them to check the status, after a few transfers because thier automated system is too stupid to get you to the right department in the first place and so are the idiot reps, I was told that yes dispatch had my order and would be here by 5pm. 30 minutes later a windstream rep called me and told me they were backed up from the weekend and had to bring in extra techs and they could NOT promise me that I would get service today, I may have to wait til tomorrow. If they were backed up from the weekend and I called on a monday why set me an appointment for tuesday? I called them back and after again being transferred from person to person by the rude idiots of customer service, I told them I had already cleared my schedual today to be here and will not sit here like a dummy all day waiting for them tomorrow, I have a business to run. The woman who had called me to tell me I might not get it today gets patched in and rudely tells me that she didn't say I WOULDN'T get it today and it was a courtesy for them to call me anyway. I told her when you interfere with MY BUSINESS that pisses me off! Not only that but I had timed it perfectly for my former service to end the day of installation TODAY. They said they would work late to get me taken care of TODAY and I asked what if you don't then what? They said then we will call you when someone is on the way. Around 5:45pm I get a knock on my door and I mind you that my computer that I work on is less than 5 feet from my front door so it only took me a matter of seconds to get to it, I looked out and he was already off my porch and halfway back to his van. He wasn't planning on giving me enough time to answer the door. He identified himself and said he would see what he could do tonight, he banged around outside for 15min then left unnannounced. He returned about 20min later, banged around for 5min and left again. He came back a 3rd time and banged for a minute then told me he can't run the cord to run the test tonight and will have to come back tomorrow morning with someone else. 1st day and already hitting a sour note!

teepee says: (7 years ago)
windstream should install a valium dispenser along side of their modem!if and when your are connected to the internet you forgotten what you were surfing for!Hence forth they should revert to smoke signals.fired up!tp

asdfhjklasdfhjk says: (7 years ago)

Lst4YvFH says: (8 years ago)
Windpoop has very lousy service. My service has been down for 5 days (2 on one occaison plus 2 more days later on and 1 day today). One has to go thru rigamor with their phone menu when calling to report problems-they ask several times for you to enter your phone number before getting anywhere. Also-my number is on do not call list and yet I still get unsolicited credit card calls. I have to use star 69 to get the number that called to report to do not call list-Windpoop charges for each star 69 use. Hmmmm...

NorthFloridaLost says: (8 years ago)
I also have the lousy monopoly of Windstream for dial up service. They will not provide high speed because it would involve replacing an ancient line out in the country. My speed averages 28 kbps! Unbelievably slow. All this lumped together with a phone line is $40.55 a month!! FOR CRAP SERVICE!!!!!!!!!! What else can I say ? WINDSTREAM SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

HVAC says: (8 years ago)
Bad Service and no results after several complains and speaking with incompetent NO SERVICE rep's/.
My computer is the reason they say and after explaining that i run Linux the same operational system their servers running on to it, they start bullshitting me about noise on the wires and the fault is in my house.Viruses etc. bull and no result.I am very mad that in my aria the monopoly of INTERNET service is granted to only one stinky Co.probably bribed the local authorities legislators and regulators saw NO ONE ELSE can compete here in this aria with the GOD chosen WIND-STREAM CRIMINALS.They share all private info with NO Interest parties all the time.DOH!!!!

MsAnn58 says: (9 years ago)
my internet is also out. I send material from my job for my job and get home phone is working, internet is down...LOL

boaz says: (9 years ago)
windstream & dish network really sucks they can never fix your problem

collegestudent says: (9 years ago)
I would like to share my brief but very unsatisfying experience with Windstream. Moving into my first apartment, I called and set up and appointment for Windstream to come out and set up the cable and internet. Shortly after (still before the installation though), my roommates and I found a better package deal with another local provider and decided to go with them. I immediately called back Windstream to inform them that I would no longer need the installation appointment and I would like to cancel the service. I listened for 15 minutes about why I should stay with the service and decided for some reason to let the lady talk me into a certain option. She explains that she will put the account on hold and if they do not hear back from me then it will be cancelled. Needless to say a week later I got a bill in the mail for 200 and something dollars for a service that I never received. Upon calling the Windstream customer help number and waiting the usual 5-10 minutes to be helped.. I was further informed that I would be liable for a week's worth of service that I used but that they would so graciously knock off the modem/shipping and installation fee. The customer service rep. said this in a way that seemed like he was doing me a favor, when in fact we never received a modem or any service in the first place. He continued to tell me that I would be liable to pay a certain portion of the bill.

sugarland says: (9 years ago)
Ma Bell, where are you? We are havingthe worst service with Windstream. It was abit better when Altel was the provider. In Sugarland, texas they have a monoply and the service stinks. For a regular phone with caller ID our bill is $ 74 of which 25% is tax. They also work bank hrs and don't haev 24 hr service. They need competition and wish AT&T can provide the service. Their tie up with Dish networkis no good either. We get lot done by calling Dish network. Please avoid them at all costs and use VOIP or jsut stick with cell phone.

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